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The 8030A Genelec Studio Monitors

Products come in different categories. They’re labelled as entry-level or for professionals; they’re pre-marketed as inexpensive or affordable and such. However,

Mackie CR Series CR3 Studio Monitors Review

Overview The Mackie CR3 Studio Monitors review today is intended for our readers on a budget! These are designed for multimedia

Sony MDR7506 Studio Headphones

Sony MDR7506 Studio Headphones When looking for headphones the preference is almost always given to the overall quality of sound and


A brief glance at DAWs and their effect on music.

An inside look into DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) and how far we have progressed in such a short time. Music technology is always moving forward , where will it head next?

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A Quick Look into Room Acoustics

It appears that some of the most misrepresented and overlooked topics in music production circles are room treatment and room acoustics

  • Home Studio Essentials 2018

Home Studio Essentials For 2018. A Personal Selection.

So you’re about to set up a whole new studio up, and you can’t quite wrap your head around all of

Native Instruments Releases Two Brand New Products

Recently NI has presented a newer version of Maschine. The MK3 appears to be a more polished and complex piece of


Our latest product review packs a punch; the Genelec 8030A.

At the forefront of this new era of modern music making, Genelec takes a firm stance on quality without sacrificing price point .

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