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A New Way To DJ: The Pioneer DDJ – RZX (A Review)

Pioneer has been on the forefront of CDJ’s and mixers for quite awhile. Given the market’s increasing predisposition towards DJ controllers, the company has slowly started to adapt to the tendencies. Props to Rekordbox, the company’s DJ software, as it has really accelerated in its niche and has already caught up with some representatives of the Big 3

A New Way To DJ: The Pioneer DDJ – RZX (A Review) 2018-03-05T02:05:10+00:00

The 8030A Genelec Studio Monitors

Products come in different categories. They’re labelled as entry-level or for professionals; they’re pre-marketed as inexpensive or affordable and such. However, Genelec is a part of its own category - the products that are meant to make a change. Among the company’s most recent and most popular products are the 8030A speakers. The first time

The 8030A Genelec Studio Monitors 2018-01-19T23:18:47+00:00

Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) in 2018: The Past, Present and Future.

A brief glance at DAW’s, and their effect on music The end of the nineties has been a turning point regarding accessibility in the craft of music production. The introduction of computers, and subsequently DAW’s has made a music production attainable to the masses, and the elitist atmosphere was already starting to wear off. Previously,

Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) in 2018: The Past, Present and Future. 2018-02-01T23:29:37+00:00

Mackie CR Series CR3 Studio Monitors Review

Overview The Mackie CR3 Studio Monitors review today is intended for our readers on a budget! These are designed for multimedia creation and stimulation,delivering studio-quality plan and performance in smooth, small-footprint designs.Featuring 50 watts of power and premium segments like a sound-enhancing high-frequency waveguide, Creative Reference monitors ensure pristine, exact sound for any application.Choose which

Mackie CR Series CR3 Studio Monitors Review 2017-12-27T01:30:09+00:00

Sony MDR7506 Studio Headphones

Sony MDR7506 Studio Headphones When looking for headphones the preference is almost always given to the overall quality of sound and comfort level. If you are in search for the perfect headphones that will meet all the requirements of your home studio or even a professional set up and won't break the bank then you

Sony MDR7506 Studio Headphones 2017-12-27T01:29:59+00:00


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The Roli “Seaboard” Keyboard – Full Review

Roli "Seaboard" Keyboard The Roli "Seaboard" Keyboard Once in a while, there’s that one new product on the market that tackles our usual ways of dealing with music production. Just as software influences the way we approach music and its basic architecture, hardware creates ways to bring some special or even unexpected minutiae

The Roli “Seaboard” Keyboard – Full Review 2017-12-27T01:30:28+00:00

A Quick Look into Room Acoustics

It appears that some of the most misrepresented and overlooked topics in music production circles are room treatment and room acoustics in general. There are a few loopholes that lead to the current state of affairs. Well, first off, most of the today’s music makers are known as “bedroom” producers, which implies a distinct lack

A Quick Look into Room Acoustics 2017-12-19T19:49:52+00:00

Home Studio Essentials For 2018. A Personal Selection.

So you’re about to set up a whole new studio up, and you can’t quite wrap your head around all of the minutiae of the process? Let’s look into it together and consider all of the noteworthy entries on the market. Depending on what aesthetic you're after, you’ll have to make important decisions about what

Home Studio Essentials For 2018. A Personal Selection. 2017-12-19T21:01:23+00:00