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M-AUDIO Code Series Keyboard Controllers

Introducing the brand new M-Audio Code Series Keyboard Controllers: M-Audio has manged to fit this much control into a small, lightweight and efficient keyboard controller footprint. In a chassis that measures less than two feet across, you get 49 keys with aftertouch, 16 backlit drum pads, 5 faders, 4 knobs, an XY Pad and bundled

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Roland Aira Series

The new Aira series by Roland provides virtually limitless possibilities in music making. With a digital interface easy to use even for beginners just setting up a home studio, these products are paving the way for a new form of instrument. The Roland System-1 Keyboard takes the industry by storm with some of the best aesthetic

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Roland FA-06 Workstation

If you are beginning to set up your first home studio a keyboard/controller is definitely one of the first purchases you should make. Having an effective workstation at your disposal will make perfecting your craft more efficient and much more easy. I have personally been stuck with less than quality equipment when I was first

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Roland Boutique Series

Roland has released 3 brand new synth modules and a 25 keyboard extension that recreate some of Roland's classic synth from the 80's and beyond.   This weekend we were given a chance to play the brand new Boutique series from Roland  along with all Aira releases. The Roland JP-08, Roland JU-06 and the JX-03

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Tascam UH-7000 Audio Interface Review

Tascam UH-7000 Audio Interface Review The Tascam UH-7000 is a 4 channel audio interface with HDIA Preamps, ready to connect by USB, the audio interface is a perfect addition to Tascam's already wildly successful line of engineering hardware. The UH-7000 is a compact 6x6 box with 2 aluminum side panels and a large face with

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PreSonus E44 And E66 Professional Studio Monitors

PreSonus Eris E44 and E66 MTM Monitors Provide Ultra-Wide Imaging The leader in studio monitor technology. PreSonus’ has just released the new Eris E44 and E66 two-way active MTM studio monitors. The pair generously deliver an expanded frequency range and the largest stereo field in their class, thanks to their classic Midwoofer-Tweeter-Midwoofer  design. The E44

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Akai MPC Touch

Akai has always been at the forefront of music prodctuon technology. Consistently flooding the scene with high quality products that are made to stay truly have become a staple in any serious music producers closet of gear. Dr.Dre for example used to create entire tracks using 4 or 5 different MPC 2000XL's all in unison.

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Ableton Push Sequencer

Ableton Push Sequencer Review I can finally get rid of all my previous midi controllers and keyboard for 2016. This has to be the best controller we have used in the studio. I have owned it less than a week and I already cannot see myself going back to my MPD or Midi keyboard for that

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Novation Launchpad

Novation Launchpad S-64 Controller: S-64 The Novation Launchpad can be used with any MIDI friendly DAW, and can be mapped to do just about any task, including a full fledged multi deck mixer in Traktor or Virtual DJ. That's more of a novelty, however, like the "light shows" the user can program for

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Akai MPC Renaissance

AKAI MPC RENAISSANCE : MPC Renaissance by Akai If you're reading this review you're probably very familiar with drum machines and maybe deciding between spending the extra money on this or native instruments maschine. I sold my mpc 2500 and contemplated the same question. I purchased native instruments maschine in 2011 and I liked

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