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Native Instruments Maschine Studio Review

Native instruments Maschine Studio   Do you remember what it was like when you were a kid and got your first gaming system? Do you remember opening your eyes in the morning to that feeling of pure, unadulterated joy of being alive? For beat-heads, loop gurus, and other sorcerers of sound, that's what owning a

Native Instruments Maschine Studio Review 2017-04-17T01:15:56+00:00

Timbre Wolf by Akai

Akai has been one of the most recognizable and iconic brands in music production for years now, with no signs of stopping. Here again to change the way we create music, Akai releases another new trademark product. The Timbre Wolf, a 4-voice polyphonic analog machine, ready to create any sound you can possibly imagine, incredibly

Timbre Wolf by Akai 2017-04-10T03:44:23+00:00

Teenage Engineering

Teenage Engineering, a large electronics company based out of Sweden, continues to amaze us by sending us some of the coolest boredom killers around.   For starters, the most popular of their products is the OP-1 Synthesizer , a small synth, drum machine, vocoder, and pretty much everything under the sun. It's honestly one of the best,

Teenage Engineering 2017-04-10T23:59:45+00:00

Apogee Duet 2

Anyone who is starting to build their own home studio knows that an audio interface is a must when running different midi or vocal channels. A good quality audio interface can make a huge difference in your sound by sending the track through the appropriate channel, giving your instrument it's own stand-out quality on your

Apogee Duet 2 2017-04-17T01:07:26+00:00

Top 5 Studio Monitors of 2015

Today, we will be reviewing a few different types of studio monitors. Whether you're a professional producer, or just beginning to set up your own home studio monitors are easily one of the most important factors to consider. Studio monitors can mean the difference between a well mixed and mastered track, or a low freq.

Top 5 Studio Monitors of 2015 2015-08-27T16:53:26+00:00

Audio-Techina ATH-M30x, Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

ATH-M30X Many producers like myself have been faithful buyers of the SONY MDR-V600 headphone for years which I love. They were loud and crisp. They were perfect for mixing all my tracks. But SONY discontinued them, So then I decided to take a chance on the SONY MDR-7506. They got tremendous reviews from Amazon customers.

Audio-Techina ATH-M30x, Professional Studio Monitor Headphones 2015-08-21T20:35:45+00:00

The Finished Product: Kanye West

Music super-star Kanye West has definitely made his mark on the industry for 2015. Constantly changing the game and himself it's hard to guess what Kanye will do next, but one thing Kanye has always stayed consistent with is his spectacular beat making abilities. West uses four primary pieces for sampling, sequencing and recording duties:

The Finished Product: Kanye West 2015-08-18T22:49:05+00:00

New Release: Neumann TLM-102

Neaumann TLM-102 The Neumann TLM-102: The best microphone for rap Let me start out by saying.. I am very impressed. This microphone is truly something else. You get an amazing classic Neumann sound from this tiny little bodied mic, easy to travel with and never a hassle to hook up. Absolutely great on both male and

New Release: Neumann TLM-102 2015-08-17T00:34:04+00:00

New Release: The Akai MPD32 MIDI Controller

In this Feature Friday we review the MPD32 Professional Controller by Akai, one of the most well known brands in the music production gear scene today. Presenting another easy to use music production AKAI brings one of the most versatile products on the market to your doorstep, this extremely affordable machine will do everything you

New Release: The Akai MPD32 MIDI Controller 2015-08-16T07:54:40+00:00

The Finished Product: Dr.Dre

It's been a big month for the Doctor, with the release of his new album COMPTON and the release of his NWA biopic "Straight Outta Compton" you can bet it was an easy choice to pick Dre for this Feature Friday. Today we'll be featuring the equipment Dre used back in the glory days of

The Finished Product: Dr.Dre 2015-08-14T23:00:53+00:00