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Native Instruments Releases Two Brand New Products

Recently NI has presented a newer version of Maschine. The MK3 appears to be a more polished and complex piece of hardware, compared to its predecessors. Considering that the last iteration of Maschine was released five years ago, there were some minor changes in the layout as well. MK3’s casing displays some similarity with the

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Native Instruments Maschine Jam Review

Product Review: Native Instruments MASCHINE JAM Production & Performance Grid Controller Looking for a modern digital instrument that will bring your music to the next level? The Maschine Jam is a unique, 8x8 grid and production controller that will help you build your sound just the way you want it. Its multi-track sequencing allows you

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Akai MPC Touch

Akai has always been at the forefront of music prodctuon technology. Consistently flooding the scene with high quality products that are made to stay truly have become a staple in any serious music producers closet of gear. Dr.Dre for example used to create entire tracks using 4 or 5 different MPC 2000XL's all in unison.

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Akai MPC Renaissance

AKAI MPC RENAISSANCE : MPC Renaissance by Akai If you're reading this review you're probably very familiar with drum machines and maybe deciding between spending the extra money on this or native instruments maschine. I sold my mpc 2500 and contemplated the same question. I purchased native instruments maschine in 2011 and I liked

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Native Instruments Maschine Studio Review

Native instruments Maschine Studio   Do you remember what it was like when you were a kid and got your first gaming system? Do you remember opening your eyes in the morning to that feeling of pure, unadulterated joy of being alive? For beat-heads, loop gurus, and other sorcerers of sound, that's what owning a

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New Release: The Akai MPD32 MIDI Controller

In this Feature Friday we review the MPD32 Professional Controller by Akai, one of the most well known brands in the music production gear scene today. Presenting another easy to use music production AKAI brings one of the most versatile products on the market to your doorstep, this extremely affordable machine will do everything you

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