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Native Instruments Releases Two Brand New Products

Recently NI has presented a newer version of Maschine. The MK3 appears to be a more polished and complex piece of hardware, compared to its predecessors. Considering that the last iteration of Maschine was released five years ago, there were some minor changes in the layout as well. MK3’s casing displays some similarity with the

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Win a FREE Akai MPK Mini Mk2!

WIN THIS AKAI MPK MK2 MINI! We have teamed up with our social media partners at to giveaway this beautiful piece of hardware! This is a perfect 25 key MIDI including pads and knobs that you can sync up to virtually any DAW and create amazing music from day one! Simply head over to

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Upcoming Digital Agency The Monarch Enterprise To Launch New Youtube Series “Producer Promotions”

PRODUCER PROMOTIONS The Monarch Enterprise has got some great news for all you music production lovers out there worldwide. They have recently released a new YouTube Series titled “Producer Promotions” that will focus on revealing the stories and personalities behind making music in today’s technological era , get an inside look at the life story

Upcoming Digital Agency The Monarch Enterprise To Launch New Youtube Series “Producer Promotions” 2017-08-25T00:56:38+00:00

MPC 2000XL Miniture Keychains

The Monarch Enterprise and Crema Caffe Design have joined forces on their latest release of miniature keychains. The MPC 2000XL has been a staple for tons of legendary producers for almost 2 decades. A distant offspring of the MPC 60, originally created by Roger Linn and Akai Professional, the MPC 2000XL solidified Akai's leadership in music

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Akai Professional Standalone Series : The New MPC X and MPC Live

AKAI PROFESSIONAL MPC X   Most great music mostly comes with a great sound. Which is why as a successful music producer I don’t compromise in getting the best instruments I need to make the best sounds.  The history of modern music has been linked to the Akai Professional brand for decades now, and they take a

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Roland SP-404SX Review

Roland SP-404SX Review   The Roland SP-404 has taken an extraordinary leap forward with the introduction of the latest SP-404SX. Apart from the previous exciting, quick and hand on features, it has been reinvented with some other specifications making it more competitive with todays samplers. Updates include the 16-bit linear sampling, FX switching is now smoother

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Native Instruments Maschine Jam Review

Product Review: Native Instruments MASCHINE JAM Production & Performance Grid Controller Looking for a modern digital instrument that will bring your music to the next level? The Maschine Jam is a unique, 8x8 grid and production controller that will help you build your sound just the way you want it. Its multi-track sequencing allows you

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M-AUDIO Code Series Keyboard Controllers

Introducing the brand new M-Audio Code Series Keyboard Controllers: M-Audio has manged to fit this much control into a small, lightweight and efficient keyboard controller footprint. In a chassis that measures less than two feet across, you get 49 keys with aftertouch, 16 backlit drum pads, 5 faders, 4 knobs, an XY Pad and bundled

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Roland Aira Series

The new Aira series by Roland provides virtually limitless possibilities in music making. With a digital interface easy to use even for beginners just setting up a home studio, these products are paving the way for a new form of instrument. The Roland System-1 Keyboard takes the industry by storm with some of the best aesthetic

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Roland FA-06 Workstation

If you are beginning to set up your first home studio a keyboard/controller is definitely one of the first purchases you should make. Having an effective workstation at your disposal will make perfecting your craft more efficient and much more easy. I have personally been stuck with less than quality equipment when I was first

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