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A New Sound Kit by April Wave

Future Planet

Aprilwave is a producer and audio engineer from Serbia. He finished the “Nikola Tesla Electro-Engineering” high school in Serbia, Belgrade. Studied audio and video engineering and has been producing for 7 years (circa 2011). He has background in graphic design, languages, coding and almost all things sound related. He looks up to artists such as Lauv, Flume, Gallant, Gray, GROOVYROOM, Skrillex, San Holo, Diplo etc.

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The Walking Cactus

The Monarch Enterprise’s “Metamorphosis” project encompasses layers of cultural and historical nostalgia as the project spews into a untraditional mix of music that serves as a contemporary reflection for the listener. The project interplay’s several juxtapositions between different timelines and events from 80’s Formula One Racing to Midwestern Dive Bars — the experimental project is both satisfying to newcomers and cultural-savvy individuals as it comes together with ease; surprisingly enough with the abrupt changes in the music and the highs and lows that are played upon listening to the project in the entirely.
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A classic track by Jaac, Minutes – hosted by The Monarch Enterprise was one of the most viral hits of 2016. From Winston Salem, North Carolina. Jaac perfectly encapsulates the old school flow with a new era twist. Available on all major platforms.

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No Exaggeration 

The latest single by Dremon, No Exaggeration is an easy listen, day or night, rain or shine. The perfect song for the beginning of your day and the end. Distribution by The Monarch Enterprise, available now on all major platforms!

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Latest Sample Packs!

Reverb Pack

Every space or room has an individual sound (reverb) which colours all other sounds that are played in there. Large room have lots of reverb and make things sound quite distant, where small spaces make audio sound close and intimate. Through new developments in technology, GSM have captured the reverb of many different caves and spaces within the Rock of Gibraltar and have put together a full pack of these impulse responses that can be loaded into a multitude of convolution reverb plugins. Recorded at high resolution the quality of these IR files accurately recreate the sound of each space allowing composers or producers the possibility of placing any audio in the Rock of Gibraltar. The GSM ‘Rock Reverb Pack’ contains spaces such as the World War Two Tunnels, St Michaels Cave, Moorish Castle and many other spaces throu

These Impulse Response files are wholly unique and provide individuality to any reverb plugin.

Mac Instructions:

Step 1:

Macintosh HD> Users> Music> Audio Music Apps

If not there already, create a new folder titled “Impulse Responses”.
Open “Gibraltar Space Designer” folder and copy the “GSM Space Designer Impulses” folder and the “GSM Misc IR” folder into the “Impulse Responses” folder.

Step 2:

Macintosh HD> Users> Music> Audio Music Apps> Plug-In Settings> Space Designer

Copy the Folder “GSM Gibraltar Space Designer Presets” into this folder. These presets will appear in the Space Designer Plug-In Menu when opened in Logic