In this Feature Friday we review the MPD32 Professional Controller by Akai, one of the most well known brands in the music production gear scene today. Presenting another easy to use music production AKAI brings one of the most versatile products on the market to your doorstep, this extremely affordable machine will do everything you need and more. This MIDI controller will provide you with everything you need to make fire beats in no time.

[su_expand height=”60″ text_color=”#000000″ link_color=”#8c2f2f” link_style=”underlined” more_icon=”icon: arrow-down” less_icon=”icon: arrow-up”]I recently had the opprotunity to use the Akai MPD32 and it’s a really cool product. For this price bracket you can’t beat the quality and shear number of options you get from this beautiful machine.
I’ve dealt with MPC’s in the past and I have to say, this is a much better alternative. I run this with Logic Pro X and it’s built in FPC program and it runs great! I can do everything an expensive MPC can do with unlimited storage space. I see in other reviews they talk about the knobs on the unit, they seem to be well-built and sturdy to me. I do not take my gear on the road so I have no idea just how durable it is in transit to and from gigs. I do know however there are a few specially made bags you can purchase for transport. The pads are imcredibly responsive, though I do caution anyone who buys the mpd32 to purchase an external soundcard to cut down on latency. After trying a lot of controllers and researching a lot it came out on top for my needs, and it along with the MPD-24 are great, rugged (not exactly tanks, but trucks for sure), versatile controllers with a good price.It can be a bit hard to program at times, it isn’t as versatile as higher end controllers, it’s a bit bulky (but having the controls spread out is a plus), not enough lights and it doesn’t come with a power cable (or midi cable, they aren’t needed, but for $250 or $300 I would expect to get that included). Thankfully, most people are using USB’s nowadays and midi is slowly making it’s way out. This controller will give you everything the fancy (and sometimes overpriced) MPC’s with the right software. Don’t let a budget hold you back from making your dreams come true. Purchase one today below![/su_expand]

Get your own MPD32 HERE