Product Review: Native Instruments MASCHINE JAM Production & Performance Grid Controller

Looking for a modern digital instrument that will bring your music to the next level? The Maschine Jam is a unique, 8×8 grid and production controller that will help you build your sound just the way you want it. Its multi-track sequencing allows you to use hundreds of combinations of sounds to build the perfect beats on the fly. It comes with everything you need to get started,including the software, wires, stand and this beautiful, brightly lit hardware. The Maschine Jam is priced at $399 on Amazon.

The Specs:

The Maschine Jam is laid out with simple, striking, easy-to- push buttons. These illuminated step metrix buttons react to your every touch. The buttons are brilliantly backlit with a beautiful array of easy to distinguish, super bright colors, making mixing and remixing as pretty as it is easy.Underneath the buttons are eight lighted Touch Strips, which allow for quick and easy, two-handed adjustments in real time. These strips are sensitive, unique to the Jam, and designed for fast and intuitive real-time sound editing and mixing. This grid controller product is designed with sound mixers and DJs of any level in mind who are looking for a little more control for their beats.

The Maschine Jam is the perfect compliment to your existing Maschine system, or you can use it on its own. The Jam comes with a USB 2.0 and 3.0 port along with the cables needed to get it connected to your computer. There is also a mounting stand included. The mounting stand allows the Jam to sit flush with other Maschine products, or you can leave it off and let the Jam sit flat on the table. Keep reading our Native Instruments Maschine Jam Review as we get more hands on.

First Thoughts:

Pulling this out of the box, I was first struck by the Jam’s build quality. This is no surprise coming from Native Instruments. All of the buttons feel good when you push them, and the lighted feedback from each button is a wonderful, musical visual. The combination of high-quality, beautiful, and useful design make this sequencer well worth the purchase. The Jam is easy to learn and easy to add to your current system.

Pros of the Maschine Jam:

The Jam, as I have said before, is a well-built instrument with high-quality features. It feels
sturdy, feels like it will last forever. The Jam is built for sequencing; unlike many other Maschine products, the Jam allows you to sequence multiple sounds at the same time, right from the hardware. You can mix in real time with the Jam, which is a very cool feature; everything about the Jam makes sequencing beats super fast. Well put together and well integrated into the
current software and hardware that Maschine already offers, the Jam is a great addition to your
existing setup. Our Native Instruments Maschine Jam Review continues with the downsides of the Jam.

Cons of the Maschine Jam:

Without built-in screens, the Jam and its sister products rely on the Maschine software. The software is easy to install and runs on most home computers. Although functional, the software isn’t quite up to the standard of the norm for NI’s stellar hardware. The software is a little clunky and requires a computer to hook all of your devices to. While built in screens might make functionality better and simpler, it would certainly drive up the price.The Jam is not perfect, but what it lacks can be made up for by other Maschine products. So to get the full experience, you’ll need more than one Maschine, which may not be in your budget. While I love this product on its own, it really shines only when paired with the

Maschine Studio or the Mikro.

Do I Recommend the Maschine Jam?

Absolutely! Whether you already have a Maschine setup or if you are starting from scratch, this system is a great way to get complete control over your sound. The high-quality hardware that NI is already known for is very evident in the Maschine Jam. It makes creating, sequencing, and jamming real time easy and fun. I would highly recommend this to any current Maschine users as well to anyone looking to get started in creating their own beats. We hoped you enjoyed our Native Instruments Maschine Jam Review.

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