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Do you remember what it was like when you were a kid and got your first gaming system? Do you remember opening your eyes in the morning to that feeling of pure, unadulterated joy of being alive? For beat-heads, loop gurus, and other sorcerers of sound, that’s what owning a Maschine MK2 is like. The first time you plug it in feels like Christmas morning. Especially if you’re a little older and remember what the traditional samplers, sequencers, and groove boxes were like back in the day. Like the ASR-X, 505, and MPC2000XL.  The first thing we that caught our attention was the quality of the Maschine Studio. This equipment is solid and is ready to go mobile, possibly even banged around a few times with no damage. However I’m not promising anything, just looks to me like it could take a hit or 2. Unlike some of the more “delicate” equipment we have.  We have had ours in the studio now for 4 months, and every minute I spend with it is better than the one before. Sure, there are inevitably going to be some trivial preference things that some people hark about, either voicing their loyalty to another brand or similar product (this is a direct competitor with Akai’s MPC Renaissance in my opinion) or just being the type of person that could find something to hate on with anything (like myself). What I think makes the Maschine so great – it’s smartly designed for the new age: it makes making music fun with bright LED’s and responsive pads. Not to mention the incredibly easy to use standalone software it uses. If you’re looking for a great deal on a Maschine, CLICK HERE for a great deal. This Maschine Studio review was brought to you by