Novation Launchpad S-64 Controller:

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The Novation Launchpad can be used with any MIDI friendly DAW, and can be mapped to do just about any task, including a full fledged multi deck mixer in Traktor or Virtual DJ. That’s more of a novelty, however, like the “light shows” the user can program for a practiced live set. Those features are cool and all, but the Launchpad is an amazing studio production and Live DJ tool for the more creative dance music engineers- who can create original tracks, and “mix” them into other, one of a kind originals: on the fly. An experienced user will make his own Ableton Live project, complete with samples and loops mapped to his/ her liking and be able to get any crowd moving as they construct, destruct, meld and mix new tracks, and make live remixes of well known dance anthems.

Many, MANY controllers have adoped the Novation Launchpad 64 button MIDI compatible format. That tells you the Launchpad is a true innovator and has changed the way a DJ performs once again.GET ONE HERE 
Novation Launchpad